Multi-Vendor ecommerce shopping cart.

Our True multi-vendor shopping cart system is designed to get the most out of your vendors and suppliers.

Multiple Vendors per product is the most powerful tool you can leverage. Have one or hundreds of vendors per product and select the one with the best price or service to send the PO to it's up to you. You are not stuck with one vendor per product anymore.

Our multi-vendor feature gives you freedom and control.

It works much like your accounting system would you add your vendors and Products. Then assign each product a vendor or multiple vendors. Other so called multi-vendor ecommerce carts only let assign one vendor per product, We are a true multiple vendor platform giving you the power to assign as many vendors to a single product as you want.

We have built in some Direct Vendor Product Feeds for some vendors, we will continue to add more. Click this link to read more about Direct Vendor Product Feeds

Why is Multi-Vendor support in your ecommerce software important? Ok, let's say you have 5 vendors for your bestselling item a "Red Tea Pot". You have 3 new orders for the "Red Tea Pot". When you process the orders you can see all the vendor costs in one place. If you use the built in the Purchase Order System you can send a Purchase Order to your selected vendor(s) in one click. There are countless scenarios when it's important to have multiple vendors for a single product. Product cost and availability are just two.


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