Solution Partners Program

Solution Partners Program

Our Solution Partners Program is designed for business, Distributors, wholesalers, DropShip Providers, and Solution providers to offer a "Branded" solution to your clients. The program gives the partner the power of the Power-eCommerce solution branded as their own. Enabling even greater success for both the partner and their clients.

How it works: We brand our solution as yours. You Offer your client an ecommerce solution branded as your own. Using our Software we change the branding to match yours. We chanrge you for the service not your client. You can bill your client or offer it to your client as part of a package or incentive.

Example: If you are a Distributor of products you can brand it as your solution and offer it for free to your clients that buy at least so much from you a year or give it to all your customers for free or charge them its all up to you.

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